Zurich Marató de Barcelona

Barcelona, 17th of March - and again thousands of enthusiatic runners from everywhere in the world will take part in the Barcelona marathon. In 2012 round about 20.000 people waited at the start line to run through this city on the Mediterranean. Passing monumental buildings like the biggest football stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, running along of some Gaudi buildings like Casa Batllò and the famous and still unfinished church La Sagrada Familia.

The 41th edition in 2019 will be maybe a next record year for the Barcelona Marathon. The city of Barcelona promoted this race world wide and like the years before we expect again more people. Last year already 50% of the participants came from outside of Spain.

What can you expect when you like to run the Marathon? First of all not so many cheering and supporting people like for example in Berlin. Most of the people are still at home sleeping or not in Barcelona.

The route: Some parts of the route are very nice. The start and finsih line in front of the Magic fountain at the bottom of the Palau Nacional is fantastic. Unfortunately lots of km's/miles will lead you through not so nice and emotional districts like you maybe expect from Barcelona. But you will pass a few great buildings and also the beach and only a small parts of the old town and Las Ramblas.

Is the marathon perfect for a new personal best time? I would say: No! They have changed again the route for this year, but the first 21 km have still some small ascents [60m elevation gain]. Look at the profile map which you can find on the official website. A lot of people start their marathon too fast and are quiet surprised that they feel already very tired after the half marathon distance. And attention! When you think you can sprint the last two km ... work on your stamina - you will have again an annoying, slightly increasing slope ahead.

The organisation: I think it is a very good organisation. No problems at all. Maybe not enough energy drinks for everyone at all supply stations when you need more than 4:30 hours for the marathon, but overall okay.

Entertainment: You will find and hear from far away a lot of south amercian style drum playing groups. Fantastic motivating in that moment and extremely loud. But be careful not to accelerate too much. That could cost you a lot of energy!

The weather: The last two years it was very warm. Mayb too warm for all the people who trained during the winter season in much colder conditions. But this is complaining on a very high level. For most of the people it is holiday time and how can you enjoy more your holiday and a finished marathon than later relaxed with a nice wine or beer on a terrace wearing sunglasses in front of the sea.

I wish you a lot of fun, all the best and maybe we will see us out there on the track!


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